Hot Rum How-Tos

How To: Make a Beachcomber cocktail

You won't need to comb the beach to make this tasty treat - quick, easy and sinful! Pour the caster sugar into a saucer. Rub the wedge of lime around the rim of the cocktail glass then rub the rim of the cocktail glass in the sugar. Keep the lime for later. Fill the shaker half full of ice cubes. Into the shaker add the rum, the maraschino liqueur, the cherry brandy, sugar and the lime juice. After ensuring that the lid is secure, shake vigorously. Make a Beachcomber cocktail.

How To: Make a Spicy Mojito

Learn how to make a Spicy Mojito. This cool drink can be great during the summer. Use lime, chile pepper, and crushed ice and so much more to make a great drink. Make a Spicy Mojito.

How To: Make a Planter's Punch

In honor of Pirates of the Caribbean, Anthony makes a Planter's Punch. With light rum, dark rum, and fruit juices, this drink is so delicious you might be speaking like a pirate by the end of the night.

How To: Make a Hurricane cocktail drink

In honor of hurricane season, bartender Anthony Caporale gives you a tutorial on how to make a Hurricane. Originating in New Orleans, this drink is always served in a hurricane glass (reminiscent of hurricane lamps), and always sure to add some life to the party.

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