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How To: Choose rum

Rum is no ordinary liquor. If you have a yearning for some rum, you need to know the basics of rum culture, like what rum is (and isn't), what kind of rums are available, and how is rum made. Once you know this information, you'll be a rum master. Rum is available in a wide variety of weights, ages, and blends. If you aspire to become a connoisseur of fine rums, start with the basics.

How To: Make a frozen daiquiri

The original daiquiri, a lime-and-rum drink invented in Cuba in the late 1800s, is named after a beach near the city of Santiago. Ah, what those sun-baked bathers would have given for this frosty version of the Cuban classic!

How To: Mix a Tropical Sunshine drink with rum

When you think of vacationing to the tropics and lying out in the cabana by the pool, what's the best feature about the locale? The sunshine, of course! Warm and comforting, the sun is what makes lots of blizzard-torn East Coasters flee to Cabo during the winter holidays.

How To: Prepare a white russian cocktail

There are few cocktails more classic than the White Russian. Whether you are trying to perfect your recipe or make one for the first time, you will want to check out this step by step. In this tutorial, learn to make a White Russian. The White Russian is an easy to build cocktail that's very smooth but also really brings out the flavor of the vodka. So, make sure you select a good vodka, some delicious cream, a bit of Kahlua and you will be mixing like the Big Lebowski in no time.

How To: Mix a Mai Tai cocktail

What better way to learn how to mix a drink than from a hot girl! This bartending how-to video teaches a cocktail recipe for a Mai Tai. You will need white rum, triple sec, orgiet syrup (or sweet almond syrup), and citrus or sweet and sour mix. Follow along with this video mixology lesson and find out how to make a Mai Tai cocktail. Get your (alcoholic) drink on.

How To: Mix a melon drop cocktail

This video demonstrates how to make a melon drop cocktail. Made of peach schnapps and melon rum, this drink will be a hit at your next cocktail party. Watch this video beverage making tutorial and learn how to mix a melon drop cocktail.

How To: Make a Hurricane cocktail drink

In honor of hurricane season, bartender Anthony Caporale gives you a tutorial on how to make a Hurricane. Originating in New Orleans, this drink is always served in a hurricane glass (reminiscent of hurricane lamps), and always sure to add some life to the party.

How To: Mix a daiquiri cocktail

Completing the holy trilogy of Cuban drinks (including the mojito and the Cuba Libre), the daiquiri has become a bit bastardized because of ready made mixes. Mixologist Angus Winchester shows the recipe for the original straight up version of the daiquiri. You will need lime juice, Cuban rum, and simple syrup. Watch this specialty drink-mixing video and learn how to make the classic daiquiri cocktail.

How To: Mix a Mai Tai by Trader Vic's recipe

The Mai Tai is one of the most well known cocktails from the "Tiki" era... Or is it? Chances are good that if you've ever had a Mai Tai, you haven't had it the way Victor "Trader Vic" Bergeron intended it. To mix a Mai Tai the right way, you will need light rum, gold rum, dark rum, orange curacao, Orget almond syrup with orange flower water, and fresh lime juice. Watch this video beverage-making tutorial and learn how to mix a Mai Tai cocktail like Trader Vic intended it.

How To: Mix a lychee mojito cocktail

Here's the master mixer at work again preparing an incredible variation to the classic mojito mix by adding one of his favorite ingredients, lychee fruit. Learn how Manuel makes this beautiful cocktail with tips for this drink to work in a party situation. You will need mint, lime, simple syrup, lychee liqueur, and rum.

How To: Mix an amnesia cocktail

This is a Rum drink recipe video. It shows the right amount of ounces of Stoli Razz vodka, Puckers sour apple liqueur, Midori (melon liqueur), Razzamatazz raspberry liqueur, & Puckers watermelon liqueur to pour to make a perfect Amnesia drink. Follow along with Socrates the bartender as he shows how to mix up an amnesia cocktail, that unlike him, won't give you herpes. The video beverage making tutorial also shows you exactly what glass should be used to serve it.

How To: Make a Blue Balls cocktail

Baron Brunton and VideoJug demonstrate how to make a Blue Balls cocktail -- a delicious and refreshing cocktail for any occasion. A mixture of light rum, blue curacao, and a strong helping of raspberry syrup. First, crush ice and add to blender, then add the rum and raspberry syrup. Then blend on low and garnish. Make a Blue Balls cocktail.

How To: Make a Bumbo cocktail

Matildo Nieva and VideoJug demonstrate how to make a Bumbo cocktail. This elegant, rum-based cocktail has a spicy edge. It tastes great and looks divine. First, half fill the shaker with ice cubes. Add the dark rum, lemon juice, grenadine and grated nutmeg. Put the lid on the shaker and shake well. Remove the lid and fix the strainer on top. Finally, strain the cocktail into the glass and serve. Make a Bumbo cocktail.

How To: Make a Planter's Punch

In honor of Pirates of the Caribbean, Anthony makes a Planter's Punch. With light rum, dark rum, and fruit juices, this drink is so delicious you might be speaking like a pirate by the end of the night.

How To: Mix a Surfer on Acid cocktail with Jägermeister, coconut rum & pineapple juice

Want to make a Surfer on Acid like a champion bartender? This clip will show you how it's done. With the proper technique, mixing the perfect drink can be easy. So easy, in fact, that this free video bartenders' guide can present an overview of the process in about a minute's time. For more information, including a full list of ingredients and complete instructions on how to mix this drink yourself, take a look.

How To: Mix a Rum Runner

In this video, we learn how to mix a version of the Rum Runner drink. Traditionally, the Rum Runner is made in a blender, which we are not going to do. Instead, we are going to crush the ice and give it a slushy taste and consistency. Start out with a collins glass and a shaker tin, and put ice in the shaker. Use a muddler to crush the ice and make it slushy, then pour that crushed ice into the collins glass. Now, ice up the shaker tin. Put in three-quarters of an ounce of Captain Morgan Spic...

How To: Make a Coconut Daiquiri cocktail

Simon Adams and VideoJug demonstrate how to make a Coconut Daiquiri cocktail cocktail -- a tropical daiquiri that makes you feel like you're in the Caribbean… even if you're stuck at work! Mix coconut liqueur, light rum, coconut syrup to make this tropical drink. Make a Coconut Daiquiri cocktail.

How To: Make a Diablo Hell Fire cocktail

Laura Caddoo and VideoJug demonstrate how to make a Diablo Hell Fire cocktail. A refreshing cocktail, devilishly delicious on a hot summer's day. You'll need ginger ale, creme de cassis, cachaca rum, and 1 lime to make this drink. Make a Diablo Hell Fire cocktail.

How To: Make a Banana Rum Cream cocktail

Matildo Nieva and VideoJug demonstrate how to make a Banana Rum Cream cocktail. Go bananas with this creamy concoction perfect for an after-dinner treat. To make it, fill the cocktail glass with ice to chill it and place to one side. Half fill the shaker with ice cubes. Into the shaker add the dark rum, crème de bananas and single cream. Ensure that the lid is firmly secure and shake vigorously. Discard the ice from the cocktail glass, attach a strainer to the top of the shaker and pour it in...

How To: Make a Beach Bum cocktail

Matildo Nieva and VideoJug demonstrate how to make a Beach Bum cocktail. Relax with this appropriately entitled "Beach Bum" cocktail - let the worries of the city melt away and chill out in style. Add a few ice cubes to the highball glass. Squeeze half an orange which will make about 75ml and pour it into the glass, to fill about 1/3. Add the Bacardi, to fill 2/3 of the glass. Squeeze in a little lemon juice, top the glass up with lemonade and stir well. Add a slice of orange juice to decorat...